Our Adult Program is focused not only on learning self defense, but to help each one of our members reach their goals in fitness, health and discipline. Choi Kwang Do movements will help with improved flexibility, which will help you live a more comfortable and relaxing life. Very quickly our adult members achieve higher levels over energy through their training that helps them be more productive and happier every day.

We have members in their 40's and 50's so you are never too old to start improving quality of life!

At Choi Kwang Do we offer a well balanced program for adults that emphasize self-esteem, fitness and integrity. By following high standards, our amazing and professional martial arts instructors will bring out the best in our students and increase their quality of life.

If you are looking for the perfect workout that will help you feel great while you learn practical and effective martial arts techniques, then CantonCKD is your place for Martial Arts!