CantonCKD Instructor Team

Your Instructor team is dedicated to the growth of all our students in and out of Choi Kwang Do.

We strive to teach Black Belt Excellence to all our students and their families!




     5TH Degree Black Belt & International Master Instructor

Master Cruzado started Choi Kwang Do when he was 11 years old and instantly fell in love with the martial arts. As a child, he struggled with ADHD, ODD and took medicine to help control his attitude at school. When he started training in Choi Kwang Do everything started to change. He quickly gained higher levels of focus, maturity and responsibility that helped him excel at school and opened up your Choi Kwang Do school in Canton, GA back in 2004. His goal is to one day open a Choi Kwang Do building and become a Grandmaster of Choi Kwang Do.

Mr. John Cruzado  (MR. cRUZADO)

     3rd Degree Black Belt & Head Instructor

Behind every great Master there is a strong and supportive Father. John started Choi Kwang Do when Master Cruzado was first starting CantonCKD. At first it was to help and support in class but starting at the age of 64, his training has helped keep him young at heart. Now, 12 years later he has a smile on his face watching all the students grow, positive attitude helping our Instructors teach and an important part of Choi Kwang Do. He has achieved so much in his life thus far: over 30 years' marriage, successful careers, world traveler, raised two children and adopted daughter. He is a perfect role model for our students.

Mr. Yovani Xiloj  (MR. YOVANI)


     4th Degree Black Belt & International Head Instructor

Yovani has been with CantonCKD since our start in Canton back in 2004. His dedication to our school, students and Choi Kwang Do truly shows through his teaching abilities in class. He always has a smile on his face and his excitement is seen in every class. He is a hard worker, works two jobs but still makes time for our students. He will soon be testing for his 4th Degree Black Belt and will achieve International Instructor. We look forward to the day when he will become a Master Instructor. His dream one day is to start his own Choi Kwang Do school in Guatemala.



     1st Degree Black Belt & Head Instructor

Felicia has been a part of CantonCKD since our start at Anytime Fitness. She started her son in another martial art for a few months before that school was closed. Luckily, not too long after, she found out about Choi Kwang Do, started her son in class and quickly joined herself and became an Instructor.  She has conquered many fears since she started with us (like public speaking and skydiving) and is an integral part of our school. Her son, Black Belt and VP of a business insurance company are her greatest achievements thus far and she isn't slowing down! 



     Future Black Belt & Assistant Instructor

Like many adult members, Nichole's Choi Kwang Do experience started after her daughter joined our martial art class. She has a passion for children and loves to see our students excel when they learn a pattern and improve their individual techniques. She is an assistant preschool teacher and full time mother and wife. Nichole struggles with Type 1 diabetes but refuses to let it slow her down at Choi Kwang Do or in her family life. Her greatest accomplishment is being a mother to her two children and is striving to add Black Belt to her list of lifetime achievements. 


     Future Black Belt & Assistant Instructor

Persephone is one of our new and highly motivated Instructors at CantonCKD. She spent almost 3 years watching her boys participate in our class, wanting to join in, and finally made the decision to get started. Since her first class she has shown unrelenting dedication to her training and our students. She hopes to achieve many Black Belts through her Choi Kwang Do training. Outside of CantonCKD she is a realtor (Earned Rookie of the Year award her first year), wife and mother of two boys that she is very proud of.



Special Team Of Role Models

This team of 11-13 year olds are setting a positive example to all our students, especially our children members,

by making a positive goal to become a Black Belt, getting good grades at school and listening to their parents.



     Future Black Belt & S.T.O.R.M Team Member

Alyssa is a dedicated Instructor that enjoys seeing our students reach their goals and she reaches hers. She leads by example by working hard at Choi Kwang Do and by earning the Principal Award at her school. Alyssa enjoys playing tennis and strives to get good grades at her middle school. Her positive attitude is contagious in our classes and is key to being a role model. Watching her hit the shield is amazing and shows how strong and confident young woman can become through their training at Choi Kwang Do. We are lucky to have her as an Instructor!


     Future Black Belt & S.T.O.R.M Team Member

Chandler is very dedicated to his Choi kwang Do training and is working to achieve his 8th degree black belt one day! This is no easy feat and takes over 35 years of experience and training. He is a great example of "Never Give Up" at CantonCKD, works hard at school earning the "Warrior Award" at Cherokee Christian Academy and his running with cross country earning the "Most Improved" award. Chandler enjoys tinkering, building and wants to be an architect. He always strives to become a better Instructor and we are proud to have him helping in class.